P-CHAINS are manufactured according to the international regulation din 8187 and din 8188.

They are made by top quality steel whose mechanical features are very high. During the automatized assembly the P-CHAINS are put under tension to set the dimension and to avoid strain in the initial pressure. P-CHAINS are lubricated in oil , packed in plastic bags and then put in cardboerd boxes.
You can find in the list the most used products. We can also supply special chains upon request such as “fragmentated” and “ringclosed”. Our technical service can give yuo further information on the materials and the special treatments we are able to offer to the customer.

Adjustable Motor Mounting

In 6 different dimensions they are suitable for electrical motors from size 63 (kw. 0.12 – 4 poles) to size 180 (kw.22 – 4 poles).

The adjustable Motor Mountings are designed to solve the problem of the belt tension in power transmission. Their compact shape and the fixing holes allow an easy assembling and a simple pulleys alignment system as well.
The original design features, allow frequent belts tension or dismounting adjustment without removing the electric motor. The motor mounting movement is controlled by a screw that is easily adjustable with a common wrench.